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Brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty are three fundamental goals of any business, and the right mobile application can accomplish all three. Working as a direct marketing channel, a mobile application drives brand awareness, simplifies interaction possible & offers the most reliable customer connection than any other marketing tool.

Yet, most businesses fail to fully leverage the power of mobile applications. Rightly so, because mobile application marketing is tough. Only smart and consistent marketers overcome the challenges and accomplish their growth goals with a mobile application.

As a mobile app marketing agency in Hyderabad, we have had our grapples with mobile app marketing too. However, over time, our marketers at Samskriti Business Solutions were able to thrive and bring in better results. This happened only after we overcame the common mobile app marketing challenges that you are about to face or are already facing.

Mobile App Marketing Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them:

If you are a business looking to bring in better results with the mobile application but are facing roadblocks with your mobile app marketing too this blog is for you.

Taking a leaf from our playbook we identify common mobile app marketing challenges and provide a few pointers that can help you solve your problems. Read on to know them:

Challenge 1 – App discovery & reaching your target audience:

It is a herculean task to stand out in the sea of apps and it is going to get tougher as each day passes. Established brands have it’s a bit easy with their users as they have a concrete list of users to promote their application. More often than not a simple app-only offer for their product drives app downloads.

But the regular mobile application has it tougher. So we advise three steps to improve app discovery:

1. App Store Optimization:

The App Store Optimization is to Play Store what Search engine Optimization is for Google – a fundamental step for boosting app discoverability. It’s free so it is tough, but this is mandatory.

2. PPC for App promotion:

If you can zero in on your target audience investing in paid marketing simplest and fastest way to reach the target audience and generate app downloads. Focus on Google Ads, email campaigns, in-app advertising, and social media advertising. Perhaps our PPC marketing services can lend a helping hand here.

3. Community & influencers:

Accessing the right influencers is an effective way to generate brand awareness and target different groups of audiences. App reviewers and bloggers can be leveraged for building an app presence.

Challenge 2 – User retention:

Even when you reach your target downloads it may not translate into business as the % of users do abandon the app, never return and uninstall it ultimately. So focus on creating a great onboarding experience, first-user experience and deliver on the value that is promised. But most importantly, create engagement with push notifications, customized offers, social sharing, and more.

While app downloads can be gamed, user retention is where top mobile app marketing companies thrive, if you are facing problems in this aspect you do need help.

Challenge 3 – Analysing the performance and taking feedback:

You got downloads and you got your users and the third step is to generate audience insights to know what is working in your app’s favor and what is not.

So gathering the audience insights right from downloads is crucial to get a total picture of customer journey & user interaction to optimize the user experience, retain and push towards more downloads. Businesses can take this step by devising app analytics metrics to quantify the performance and take steps for optimization. Mobile app downloads, signup rate, retention rate (daily/weekly), active Users (daily/monthly), session length, and session interval are some of the common metrics used in the industry.

While this is only an intro to app analytics we are going to discuss app analytics in detail in our coming blogs. But one thing we want you to take away from this section is to always quantify the metrics and measure performance if you are aiming for growth.

Overcoming the above challenges will help you take steps towards accomplishing better app growth. But it is to be remembered they are only tweaks that only work when you have a concrete mobile app marketing strategy in place. As one of the best mobile app marketing agencies in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions has helped businesses grow their mobile apps with a robust mobile app marketing strategy and optimizations.

In the cookie-less world where first-party cookie information is wealth, having a mobile application is the way forward for every business. If you are a business that is looking to leverage a mobile app for your business growth you can benefit from our mobile app marketing services here:

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