what is Instagram marketing

Set- up with a simple vision to make mobile photography ‘Fast, Simple & Beautiful’, Instagram is now a social networking behemoth with more than 1 billion active monthly users. What started as a simple photo-posting app, grew leaps and bounds concurrently becoming one of the most powerful platforms for the brands and businesses to market their services and products.

1 billion monthly active users? Facebook clocks 2.5 billion i.e. 2.5 times more than Instagram. Which means: more users, more reach and better marketing, right? Not necessarily. It is not always about a number of users there are many other factors that come into play as well. Target audience, user engagement, your product niche, and marketing goals, etc.

Here are three areas where Instagram Marketing triumph over Facebook Marketing:


Being a visual-centric platform, Instagram users are more inclined to engage with visuals posted by the businesses. This is why Instagram scores better engagement than all other social media platforms including Facebook.

A post in Facebook scores has a median engagement rate of 0.09%, the same post on Instagram scores an engagement rate of at least 1.6%, a daylight difference right there. That said, there is one small exception: since Instagram being a primarily an image sharing platform, these engagement rates are reserved only for visual-rich posts with minimal content. As for sharing information related content posts, both platforms could be similar inters of engagement.

Organic Reach:

Facebook is no longer at its best when it comes to organic reach, not even close. With the recent change in algorithm, Facebook has geared up to show more updates from your family and friends less from business pages and publishers. This algorithm change has plummeted the organic reach of Facebook pages to an all-time low.

Even though Instagram has tweaked its algorithm similar to Facebook, Instagram Marketing records better organic reach than Facebook primarily because of its higher engagement rate. While you can improve your organic reach with high quality, engaging posts, Instagram obviously is more prone to improve better than Facebook in terms of organic reach.

Niche-Segments & Young Demographics:

Hands down Instagram is the best social platform to reach out to the younger demographic below age 30. Though Facebook has a wide and diverse set of audiences, Instagram rules the roost when it comes to younger folks. On top of that being a visual platform, segments like food, beauty, traveling, and fitness benefit when clubbed with interesting and visual-rich images. So got a product or service in these segments where your target audience falls below age 35? Instagram Marketing is where the majority of your marketing budget should go.

Does that mean you should ditch your Facebook Marketing? Absolutely not. Facebook still a social media giant that can give you unprecedented reach when done right. But Instagram is better when it comes to the younger target audience, certain niche segments, and marketing goals. So you can leverage both the social platforms by focusing more on a platform that aligns with your goals and taking assistance from another.

For example, if you are planning an image contest, then Instagram must be your main focus and you can also use Facebook in parallel to boost your contest. If your posts are primarily curated content, then Facebook is a better choice. In short, we advise you to choose your platform for marketing based on your marketing goals, target audience, and business categories.

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