Google has recently introduced some changes to the layout and overall look of SERPs, that are significant as well as interesting. The changes that have been made, which were recently spotted, include extending the length of meta description and the title tag. While the length of title tags has been increased from 50 – 60 to 70 – 71, an increase of 10 characters, the length of meta descriptions have been increased by 100 characters and the total number of lines, from two to three.

The increase of the characters in title tag now makes it possible to increase the length by a word or maximum two, which will provide searchers to get more information about any website. A single word can be significant in describing the actual activity of any company and that too very precisely, going by the words of SEO experts. This could result in significant changes in search results, and help SEO experts to find more ways to drive traffic to any website. Searchers will now able to know exactly what a web page is about, after the extension of the meta description characters and lines. This gives an opportunity to search on mobiles and get more results because of the increase of the characters of titles. Experts are of the opinion that this action taken by Google may be for testing and just to wait and watch. They are also of the opinion that  there is a possibility that this extension being reversed.

It is for SEO experts to decide whether to go with these changes or wait till the change becomes a permanent one, as, results may go wary when depending on the changes made. Although the changes have not been noticed till recently, it is speculated that the change is going to have a positive impact on CTR and if it does happen, then this change is probably going to be a permanent one. Negative impact may force Google to think otherwise. After noticing this change, SEO experts are in a dilemma to choose a strategy that will help to optimize both desktop and mobiles, after the title characters have been permitted to be increased, even up to 78, which is amazing. It is observed that Google has come up with these changes with an aim to broaden the spectrum of search results, and eagerly waits in anticipation about the impact it has on SERPs. It has also been noticed that there has been an increase of 100 pixels in width, (from 500 to 600) relating to the results in Google Search. Google is well known for brining changes in algorithms from time to time, and this is the latest, throwing speculations wide as to the impact it causes.

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