Bounce rate and related metrics are best ways to measure general appeal and stickiness of website. Even though, this was associated with publisher’s sites and blogs, but now the rules are applied. Want to know about the ways, which help in attracting more visitors to your website? Go through this article for answering your question. Primarily, you need to understand the meaning of bounce rate. These rate provide you with information on people’s percentage without viewing other pages. Bounce rate are used with other metrics, to measure the site’s stickiness.

Ways to reduce bounce rate now:

The lesser bounce rate you have, the more visitors your website will receive. The following points mentioned below, help you to reduce bounce rate and keep your visitors glued to your website.

  1. Always ensure that your pages get loaded quickly. Waiting for a page to load for minutes is quite irritating, and people will bounce back to other options.
  2. Provide the visitors with varied information, they are looking for. Get a brisk summary placed on the landing page itself, with a free flowing content.
  3. Clickbait is quite common these days, and you need to avoid it. If your readers click on any of these stories, then they will be redirected to that particular site.
  4. Ads and huge pop-ups are extremely annoying and degrade the quality of your website. Therefore, try to avoid these pop-ups, as much as possible.
  5. Take help of internal linking as the best SEO tactic. It helps in keeping visitors attracted on the site longer.
  6. Please be specific with the external links you will incorporate into your website. Otherwise, it helps in inflating bounce rate.
  7. Avoid using pagination, as it annoys users more than reducing bounce rate.
  8. Site design plays a pivotal role to attract more customers. Users have the tendency to present their opinion the time they land up at your website.
  9. Formatting an article is important if you want people to make a quick judgement, related to site design. Presentation of the article is important to attract probable clients.
  10. Your website needs to possess mobile friendly pages. The pages must be mobile-optimized to let readers stay for long.
  11. The easier site navigation you have, the better human traffic will be presented to you. Provide people with easy to understand navigation rules.
  12. You can incorporate related content recommendations, based on your article. This provides an idea of offering content, relevant to the topic.
  13. Commented box is an important option of content recommendation, depending on articles being shared or read.
  14. Ensure to create a clear call to action statement on landing page. Some general pointers are colors, wording, size, test, adaptation and placement.

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